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Friday, July 18, 2014

Moving Along

We pulled out of Crossville, Tn. Wednesday and made it to Victory RV Park in Paducah, Ky. Paducah is a very cool place that really impressed us with its' history and beauty. It's located halfway between Nashville and St. Louis and is at the junction of the Ohio and Tennessee rivers. Twenty blocks of the cities downtown have been designated a historical district  and have been restored and revitalized to become a charming old city similar to a small Charleston. There was a devastating flood in 1937 that covered the entire town and surrounding area. As a result, a dike was built around the town to prevent it from happening again.  The dike has artistic panels that are painted to represent significant events in the history of the area.

We're currently in Rock Port, Mo. and hope to arrive in Sioux Falls, SD tomorrow. I do have more stuff to post, and will try to catch up soon. 

The  American Queen paddlewheel  steamboat that regularly docks in Paducah that offers river cruises to all major cities along the Mississippi and feeding rivers. Quite a beautiful ship.

The Cherrys

This is part  of the dike that was built to contain floodwaters and have paintings on the panels to commemorate important events in the history of the area.

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