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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Downtown Custer

Today was our first full day here in Custer and we were greeted with another beautiful morning. We traveled to historic downtown Custer to walk the sidewalks and check out the area this morning. The town is pretty much a tourist attraction, but has a lot of personality with its' beauty, history and unusual shops. The big motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD is starting in about 2 weeks and the cyclists are already here in force. Sturgis is not far from Custer. After exploring Custer, we went to the Custer State Park where we were treated to beautiful scenery and wildlife. I took a lot of pictures today and had a difficult time deciding which ones to include in this post. I will post just the Custer pictures today and post the State Park pictures tomorrow. The last picture in the post is of some very unusual clouds after a very intense storm this afternoon with high winds, heavy rain, and marble sized hail.

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Our RV and our campsite here at Custer's Gulch Camp Ground. Notice anything missing?  That's right........Our truck is in the Chevy Hospital and we hope to get it back soon.

Campground looking north from our site
Campground looking south from our site
Buffalo's have long been  associated with the Custer area and quite a number have been painted by local artist and placed throughout the city. I've included some of the prettier ones we saw today.

Pretty neat mural on side of store.

Main Street looking north

These beautiful flowers were throughout the town.

A few of the many motorcycles we saw today.

I love flag shots. The box beneath the flag is a speaker, which are placed on poles throughout the town and have country music  played over them. I thought it was pretty cool.

One of the street shops selling leather goods for bikers.

These are the clouds after a strong storm passed through this afternoon. It was kind of spooky as I've never seen anything like it before.


  1. Enjoyed the Custer pix. We didn't spend time there. Did go to Custer State Park; drove Needles Hwy; passed through a VERY narrow tunnel, in which I had to pull our truck mirrors in. I could reach out & touch the wall.

    1. Thanks Cuz, the Needles highway is on our list which we'll probably hit tomorrow.