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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Badlands and Wall Drug Store

I have a real problem in putting the blog together tonight. I shot over a hundred photographs today, and am having a very difficult time in narrowing down the ones to include in the blog. At the rate I'm going, I'm afraid I'm going to wear out my camera! The Badlands are all they are advertised to be. Absolutely beautiful! The pictures don't begin to do them justice, but the pictures ain't too bad though! Wall Drug Store is very well known and is pretty much a tourist trap, but is still worth the trip to check out. There must be a zillion signs in this area promoting the business. The store is very large, probably about a block in size with all kinds of merchandise and even a nice restaurant. We had lunch there today. It was somewhat pricey, but was tasty. It was very hot today with 104 being the highest we saw. It's a dry heat, but it's still 104!  Thanks for all the kind comments on our blog efforts. It makes all the work and effort worthwhile. Tomorrow is Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Keystone, and Crazy Horse. Sounds like another full day, but it's not supposed to be so hot.

SD Highway 44 before entering Badlands NP

Entering Badland National Park from the south entrance

You'll notice a lot of subtle pastel colors in the rock formations. The colors are supposed to be more brilliant in early morning or late evening light.

Every formation is unique and different

Some of the lavender colors are visible in these formations.

The road through the park is in very good condition. It's curvy with a speed limit of 35mph.

I've got to get a Chevy shot in here somewhere!

Main observation area at top of Badlands.

Main intersection in front of Wall's Drug Store.

Inside restaurant

Inside restaurant

Wood carving of old prospector and his burro.

We got cowboy boots!

And cowboy hats too!


  1. Wow Joe! These pictures are beautiful and so amazing. I have been tied up with cleaning carpets and just now was able to look at your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Enjoy your travels Joe and Cricket!

    Annette Burton

  2. You saw more of the badlands than we were able to. Never got to the front/main entrance. Maybe we entered from the south also? Also stopped at Walls, but didn't spend much time there. It's an amazing tourist trap, tho'.