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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chief Joseph Highway & Beartooth Pass #2

Snow Plow in front of On Top Of the World Store. The area receives so much snowfall, the road is normally open only 5 months per year. The mosquitoes were very bad while we were there.

Beautiful Wildflowers

Pat displaying Wyoming State Flag

Taken with Tele-Photo lens. These kids were playing on some of the residual store in the area. You can tell how thick the snow is by looking at the area that has separated.

The scenery was more dramatic on the Wyoming side of park.

Can you tell these chipmunks are used to being fed!


  1. Gorgeous scenery and great shots - but - how could they not be!!! lol
    We've been there - and to Top of World Store. We were in early June when there was more snow on the mountains. Wondering where the dirt road is. Beautiful wildflowers. You write very well - such descriptive words and phrases.

  2. The dirt roads are in the area of Beartooth Lake. We took several dirt roads to explore areas that looked interesting and found some of the most scenic areas that way.

  3. Wow, I am just in awe of the beauty that you guys are seeing. Your pictures are so beautiful. You are definitely blessed to have the opportunity to experience this journey you are on! Thanks for sharing with us. Safe travels!

    Annette Burton

    1. Thanks Annette, I wish you could see how beautiful it is here. It's like no other place I've seen. We're leaving in the morning for Dubois, Wy and hope to make it to Yellowstone Wednesday for 5 days. Yes, we are indeed blessed to be able to share this experience.

    2. I enjoy your post so much--thanks for sharing

  4. I really enjoyed to one on Jackson Hole--I was there the week before--stayed in Moran and have some of the same pictures. This was our 3rd year there, but now want to over in Montana. Thanks for sharing.