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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Page, Arizona

Our time here at the Wahweap Campground & RV Park has sadly come to an end and is time for us to move on. The campground here is part of a larger facility named Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas and is operated by Aramark, a concessioner of the National Park Service. The resort is located on the banks of Lake Powell and is in a desert environment. Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River and is impounded by the  Glen Canyon Dam. It is the second largest reservoir, by volume, in the US behind Lake Mead. The campground here is absolutely first class and is one of the nicest we have visited. The sites are huge and spaced far enough apart where your neighbor is not on your doorstep. The view of the lake and surrounding regions are beautiful. I've been amazed by the diversity of the wildlife here in the desert. We've seen roadrunners, rabbits, chipmunks, ravens, owls, and even been serenaded by coyotes! Our friends, Al & Pat Kralovic and Lee & Mary Clary have both stayed here before us and highly recommended it, and they were spot on. This whole region is part of the Navajo Indian Reservation which encompasses over 27,000 square miles in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.  The other major attraction in Page is the famous Antelope Canyon. We chose to tour Antelope Canyon with the Chief Tsosie Antelope Slot Canyon Tours. By the way, a slot canyon is defined as a narrow canyon where you can reach out and touch both walls simultaneously. We were treated to a hoop dance by two Navajo Indians before the tour, who were great.  The ride to the canyon was in a pickup truck with bench seats in the bed with a canopy overhead. Part of the trip was on a sandy dried up riverbed that was very dusty. Crickett and I rode inside the cab with our guide. The walls inside the canyon were formed by rushing water, wind and sand through red sandstone over many thousands of years and is unbelievably beautiful.  They still have several flash floods each year that floods the canyon and riverbeds.

We have reservations tomorrow at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, Az. for several days. It's about 150 miles southwest of here and should be an easy trip. We plan to tour the Grand Canyon and several more attractions in the area while there. 

Entering Page.

Entering Wahweap Recreation Area.
Our site C-11. Same site Lee & Mary were on when they were here.

View form our yard.

Roadrunner, Isn't he sharp!

Chipmunk or ground squirrel.

My, you have big ears!

We enjoyed a campfire every night. You can see zillions of stars under the clear Arizona sky!

Sign at entrance to campground.

View across lake Powell.

Coal fired power plant near Lake Powell. The coal is mined in southern Arizona and shipped here via train.

Very large marina near the resort.
Hoop dance by young Navajo. he said he was entering the national championship hoop dance contest in Phoenix early next year.

Entrance to Antelope Canyon

The canyon is comprised of many larger areas or "rooms". There were several other tours there at the same time as ours.

This formation is called eye of the dragon.

Our guide, who played his flute upon exiting the canyon. The sound of the flute echoing through the canyon walls was beautiful. He was very good as well as a great guide.

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