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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kanab, Utah

We got our truck back late yesterday and everything seems to be fine. We would like to thank the fine folks at Duck Creek RV Park in Vegas for their assistance and hospitality while we were waiting on the truck repairs.

We pulled out of Vegas about 10AM and pointed the nose of our Chevy NE headed for Utah.The trip was mostly on I-15 with light to medium traffic and was mostly through desert regions with a few mountain ranges.  We had a good trip with multiple pit stops and safely arrived here at Crazy Horse RV Park in Kanab, Utah. We will probably stay here at least 3 or 4 days as this location is ideal for day trips to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and possibly Kodachrome State Park.

By the way, we passed back into Mountain Standard Time today so we lost an hour. We're only 2 hours behind you folks back home now!

Our route today from Las Vegas to Kenab, Utah. About 200 miles.

Anybody know what this is?  I've seen 4 or 5 in the desert in different sections of the country. Maybe a navigation beacon for aircraft?

We've seen quite a few rigs like this while out west. I followed him quite a few miles and it seemed unstable to me. We don't see anything like this on the east coast.

We crossed into Arizona twice today.

Crossed into Utah twice today too!

Our site here at Crazy Horse RV Park.


  1. You two are in a mighty pretty part of the country; we're kinda jealous. In regard to your question about the sombrero-looking thing, you are exactly right. It is a VOR (Very high frequency Omnidirectional Radio range, used for aircraft navigation. It broadcasts radio beams that are called "radials" for 360 degrees around it that can be selected by a pilot and used to guide the aircraft. For example, if the pilot selects the 90-degree radial, the aircraft can fly to or from the facility on the radial that is broadcast due east from the VOR. If the aircraft's altitude is sufficient, the VOR's range is more than 100 miles. This is fairly old technology, actually. These will eventually be made obsolete by GPS. This is probably more than you want to know, but I guess I can offer something based on my long career in aviation. Safe travels!

    Mike (Check us out at

    1. Thanks Mike, I've heard of that system for years, but have never actually seen the site until this trip.