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Sunday, October 19, 2014

North Rim Grand Canyon

Friday, our first full day here in Kanab, we decided to check out the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The weather was less than ideal with mostly cloudy skies and temperature in the mid 50's, but we were hopeful conditions would improve. The drive was on Highway 89A into Kaibab National Forest where we picked up Highway 67, which goes into the park. About 20 miles south of Kanab upon crossing the state line into Arizona, we came across a scenic pull off where there were some Navajo ladies selling their handmade jewelry, pottery, and decorations. We purchased several trinkets and enjoyed talking to these young ladies very much. They were extremely well spoken, obviously well educated and were dedicated to staying true to their heritage.  Unfortunately, the weather conditions deteriorated as the day went along and to make things worse, there was a controlled fire burn near the North Rim and the smoke from it  made conditions for photography difficult. Still it was a great trip and we got to see one of God's most majestic creations.

There were 3 of these young ladies selling their wares, which were very pretty. They asked me not to take any close up pictures of their products as they have had problems with others copying their crafts. We purchased a necklace, a Christmas ornament, and a pot crafted from white clay. Never seen a pot made from white clay before.

Entrance to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Sign with fees to access the park. The good ole "America the Beautiful" or, old farts pass is the best deal around!

Large herd of bison in a meadow just inside the park entrance. I noticed their color was much darker than their cousins we saw in Wyoming and Montana, whose coats were more brownish. 

Road into the north rim camp ground. Dry camping only with no hookups.

Pretty sign with Crickett. You can see she has her heavier jacket on.

Bright Angel Point is the main observation point near the visitor center.

My first sighting of the Grand Canyon. All I could say was "wow"!

Walkway to the Angel's Point Observation area. It's maybe 1/4 mile long and has some steep sections, but is not a bad walk.

The next 3 views are taken at Angel's Point. There's a guardrail around the observation area but the trail had no such protection. It would be very easy for someone to get into trouble if they strayed off the trail. 

There are rental cabins adjacent to the lodge at the North Rim. Very nice facility.

Pretty cool spot for a picnic, don't you think!  The Grand Canyon is maybe 10 paces away!

We saw some Aspens in full golden color. The peak color had already passed, but we still got to see some beautiful color.  Oh, that's our faithful steed in the foreground!

This herd of 5 buck mule deer came out of the woods near our picnic area.

They were pretty much oblivious to us and everyone else around them.

The northernmost and highest observation area in the North Rim. The average snowfall for the area is over 12 ft per year whereas the South Rim receives less than 5 ft per year.

The next 3 shots were taken at Imperial Point.

Southern part of North Rim where the Cape Royal and Angel's Windows viewpoints are located.

Angel's Window viewpoint. We both walked out to the end of the viewpoint. There were guardrails along the entire path.

That's the Colorado River that runs the length of the Grand Canyon.

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  1. Great picture's as always ,I'm glade to hear your back on the road with your chevy,and sound like you are getting closer to home too. Keep us posted and have safe travel.