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Friday, August 15, 2014

Yellowstone - North Loop

Our next trip into the park was to explore the North Loop of Yellowstone, which is more mountainous and supposed to have more wildlife. We went to all the favorite wildlife viewing areas, but were unsuccessful in finding anything more than a few buffalo, deer, and antelope. I'm sure us trying to find wildlife in the middle of the day had something to do with not seeing much. They are more active in early morning and late afternoon. Our neighbor in the park reported seeing about everything, including grizzlies. Unfortunately, part of the day we made our trip, the weather was less than optimum for photography, so some of the pictures aren't as good as I would prefer. One of the most unusual and scenic areas we saw was the Mammoth Hot Springs with very pretty formations. Several key ingredients combine to make the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces: heat, water, limestone, and a rock fracture system through which hot water can reach the earth's surface.There's a small community in the area, with a visitor's center, hotel and restaurant and is a popular tourist destination.

Our Campsite in Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park

This is one of the nicer parks we've stayed in.

Scenic area

One of many very popular areas

Community of Mammoth Springs

Petrified Tree

Whoever owns Cruise America is getting rich. We've seen hundreds of these on the road.

Roosevelt  Lodge

Inside Lodge

Tower Falls


  1. These are beautiful picture--look forward you posting places that I have ben so I can see them again through your eyes. Thanks for sharing Bonnie Chambers

  2. Should have taken me with you !!! Beautiful Pictures !!!!! Billy Benton