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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Glacier National Park - Part 2

The long awaited day for our trip into Glacier National Park via the Going to the Sun Road was finally here. Crickett, Al, Pat and myself were joined by our good friends, John & Patsy McCutcheon who have joined us again.  The conditions today were less than optimum for picture taking, due to being cloudy, but we had our fingers crossed they would get better. One thing we have noticed on our trip is that all the major attractions have been very crowded, and today was to be no exception. We learned there are twenty five glaciers in the park, but sadly they are all diminishing, and are projected to be gone by 2030. Only one was visible from the roadway.

Our campground while in Columbia Falls, Mt

Our site in center and Al & Pat on the right.

Entering Glacier National Park

Scenic Lake McDonald

Mountain stream running through the park. The dude in the pinkish shirt is John taking a photo.

The water in the stream is extremely clear with a greenish tint.

One of several tunnels. The roads were very narrow in places with barely enough room for two vehicles to pass.

We were pretty much in the clouds at the higher elevations, but was still awe inspiring.

Waterfalls going under roadway. The red vehicle in the photograph are known as "Red Jammer Buses" and offer guided tours of the park. The cost is from $55 to $95 per person depending on which tour.

View of road behind us.

Another Red Jammer

Waterfall beside roadway

Logan Pass near highest point of highway.

Visitors Center at Logan's Pass

Another Tunnel

It's a long way down! Roads had large rocks placed on edge to act as guard rails.

Waterfall above roadway

Same waterfall at lower level.

Jackson Glacier. There are 25 in the park, but this is the only one we saw.

View of St. Mary Lake

Tour boat on St. Mary Lake

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