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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dubois, Wy.

We arrived at the Dubois/Wind River KOA campground Saturday afternoon after a safe non-eventful trip from Cody. We intended to stay at Colter Bay Campground inside the Grand Teton National Park, but no sites were available. In fact, almost all campgrounds we contacted could not accommodate us at all. The campgrounds that did have openings were so ridiculously expensive that we chose to keep looking, which is how we wound up at the KOA in Dubois. It's about 55 miles to The Tetons from here and about 80 miles to Jackson. This is not where we preferred to be, but will do until Monday, which brings up another problem. We haven't been able to secure a site for Monday and Tuesday, but do have several possibilities with campgrounds inside the Grand Teton National Park. We will call  in the morning and find out if they can squeeze us in. If they do, the sites will have only power with no water or sewer. We can operate 2 days on our fresh water tank and holding tanks with no problems. We do have reservations at Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone starting Wednesday for 5 days.  
         When we decided to come here, I was curious about the origin of the name of the town of Dubois. We talked to several locals and also did some reading and discovered the town was originally named "No Sweat" but when the town applied for a Post Office, the Postal Service thought the name was inappropriate, so they renamed it to Dubois in honor of senator Fred Dubois from Idaho. Well, the local folks weren't too happy about that, so they decided to purposely mis-pronounce the name. They pronounce it to sound like Doo-boice  instead of the french pronunciation.
       We traveled to Grand Teton National Park and Jackson today for a great day trip. We do have quite a lot of pictures to share with you, but will share them on the next post. On a side note, we paid $4.17/gallon for diesel today and saw it as high as $4.49. We thought things were high in Cody, but this area is even higher. We did have an excellent dinner at Bubba's Barbecue in Jackson and would definitely go back. Crickett and I had their brisket and Al & Pat had their pulled pork. All agreed it was very good and the price was reasonable.
       If we don't post an update to the blog for several days, it will be due to not having internet service from wherever we wind up at.

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