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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grand Tetons

The main objective in coming to this area was exploring the Grand Teton Valley. We were last here two years ago with our good friends, Al & Pat Kralovic, and wanted to come back and experience it again. We got so caught up with the beauty of the Idaho side of the Tetons that we didn't spend as much time here as we had planned. Monday, (8-22) we hit Idaho & Wyoming 22 going over Teton pass en route to Grand Teton National Park. As mentioned in an earlier post, Highway  22 is incredibly steep and curvy with the crest sitting at over 8,400 feet ASL. Here is a link to the web cams on top of the mountain. Now, I don't claim to be the sharpest pencil in the drawer, but I witnessed some pretty dull pencils on our way across the pass. We came upon three older Class A's motorhomes that had managed to make it to the top, and were sitting at a pull off as if contemplating "what now"! I doubt these motorhomes had exhaust brakes, due to their age, but even if they did, it would be risky.  They were not there when we returned, so I assume and hope they made it OK.

Luckily, the smoke from the wildfires wasn't too bad, so we had decent conditions to view the beauty of these majestic mountains.  Seeing them for the first time on this trip reminded me how different they appear from each side. They seem to rise straight out of the valley floor on the Jackson side, whereas on the Idaho side, they gradually taper off with smaller mountains and hills that extend miles before reaching the valley floor. Each side is spectacular, but in different ways. There is no doubt the Jackson side is more scenic and photogenic with it's snow capped peaks against blue skies. One place we wanted to return to was the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center, which is home to the National Elk Refuge. The refuge is managed by the National Fish & Wildlife Service and is a large area of the valley floor where thousands of elk migrate each winter. This is the same valley we mentioned in our last trip where the elk shed their antlers and are then collected by Boy Scouts to be auctioned as a fund raiser. Afterwards, we spent many hours touring the park and photographing many beautiful scenes. This is truly a spectacular area in spite of the tour buses and throngs of sightseers.

We left Victor, Idaho Tuesday and traveled to Cody, Wyoming, where we are now. The trip here was mostly good, but we traveled through quite a lot of smoke. Our route was parallel to the Tetons until we reached the town of West Yellowstone where we headed east through Yellowstone Park to reach Cody. We will be here until August 30 when we will pull up stakes and head for Montana.

Teton Valley RV Park in Victor, Idaho

Our Site #105

Entrance to Grand Teton National Park. We certainly have made good use of our Senior Park Pass where we get in free.  For our non-senior friends it's $10 each.

Check out this American Airlines jet landing at Jackson Hole Airport. What a sight it must be for the crew and passengers to see when landing beside the Grand Tetons.
Panoramic shot of the Tetons

Road into the Visitor Center. The road crosses the Snake River.

Us Truly outside Visitor Center.

Section of park named Mormon Row. It was named after Mormons that settled here in the late 1800's. The gentleman to the left of the pink house is a professional photographer shooting the well known pink house.

There's a family of prairie dogs on the grounds. There were many holes like this one leading into their den.

Popularly photographed barn on Mormon Row.

Sign depicting history of the Mormon Row farms

The other popularly photographed barn on the property. I bet I've seen this same shot hundreds of times.

Lake Jenny

Friendly fellow offered to take our picture, so we said absolutely!

National Elk Refuge. There are many acres of lush grass awaiting the elk.

Cowboy Statue in front of Jackson Hole Airport

We ate here 2 years ago with Al & Pat and decided to go back. We had a combination plate of brisket, pulled pork and pulled chicken that was to die for! Anyone going to Jackson needs to check Bubba's out. It was an 11 on a 10 scale!

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  1. Sadly it seems there's always smoke in that area. Our worst was Lewiston Idaho. Beautiful pix of Tetons. Jackson Hole airport was so tiny. We loved it. Always wanted to go back to elk refuge in winter for a sleigh ride among the elk. We love Cody. Have spent quite a bit of enjoyable time there. Loved the museum, a tour, a music review. Stayed a week at a campground on edge of town on a sharp curve. Loving traveling with y'all. Betty