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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cody, Wyoming

You guys back on the east wouldn't believe the weather here in Cody. Since our arrival Tuesday, the daytime highs are running in the 60's and lows at night in the 40's. In fact Montana DOT closed the highway at Beartooth Pass due to snow! We're running our fireplace here in the RV to keep us comfortable. The weather here has been unseasonably cool for this time of year, and is supposed to warm back up this weekend. We're planning on going to Beartooth tomorrow, so hopefully we should have some interesting photos to share from that trip.

 We have a neighbor here in Absaroka Bay RV Park that has a most unusual and interesting hobby. His name is Jeff Parker from Kingman, Az. and Jeff raises and hunts Harris Hawks. We first noticed Jeff outside with one of his birds and had to meet Jeff and find out more about the hawks. Jeff is a very nice guy and seemed happy to tell us about the hawks and his passion for them. He has five hawks that travel with him in his Toy Hauler RV. The garage part of his RV is the area where the hawks live. Jeff takes the birds out in the desert and primarily hunts quail, jack rabbits and cottontail rabbits. When one of his birds makes a kill, he lets the bird eat his fill and then Jeff takes the remains and freezes it for them to eat later.  Jeff has trained the birds where they will return to him on command, but does put a miniature transmitter on the hawks when hunting and training. He has a receiver that will indicate the direction of the bird if they get out of sight.  The females are about one third larger than the males, and is the only way to tell them apart. Jeff told me the only way he can identify his individual birds is by their mannerisms.  When young, they have more red in their color, but are primarily brown when they mature and are the only raptors that are social as they live in groups and are more tolerate of humans as a result. The Harris Hawks are native to Western Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Arizona. Jeff is licensed by the state of Arizona for falconry and has a breeders permit issued by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He's been working with hawks about twenty year. Falconers consider working with birds of prey a lifestyle.

We met another interesting neighbor here in the park recently, at of all places, a barber shop. On Wednesday we went to Frank's Barber Shop here in Cody, when a nice lady entered and asked about a haircut and Frank said he could accommodate her. She got to talking and said she was from North Carolina! I asked where, and she said from Waxhaw,  just east of Charlotte in Union County, which is maybe sixty miles from where we live. She also said she is a full time RVer and I told her we were part timers, and asked where she was staying. Turns out to be the same park we're in! Small world, huh! She said she sold her farm and travels the country by herself and was very comfortable pulling and backing trailers as she had horses on her farm and trailered them to different areas. I told her good for her and wished her well. 

Meet Jeff Parker from Kingman  Arizona

This Harris Hawk is only 15 weeks old and is a female. is a female

Check out her talons! Jeff says they are needle sharp and can easily go through a person's finger if not careful.

She is a young bird and will turn darker as she matures. Jeff has had her from a chick and is teaching her hunting skills.

Beautiful tail feathers

Jeff doesn't need a watch dog with these guys around!

Our Campground in Cody
Here we are on G-13

Entrance to Buffalo Bill State Park near Cody.
Pretty scenery with desert, lake and mountains.

RV Park. Some sites had power and water. Most did not.

Magpie bird common to this area. They're size is between a blue jay and crow at home. Very pretty bird. 

They have a very long tail.

Don't know what these guys are, but they're pretty. Sort of resemble a pelican
They're 3 tunnels on Highway 14 which goes to Buffalo Bill State Park

Inside the longest one.


  1. We can meet the most interesting people as we travel. Love it! Beautiful pix. I remember the pink rock tunnel. Glad for good weather. Hoping Beartooth Hwy is clear. It is beautiful! Betty

  2. Forgot to say that we took a wild horse tour, which we really enjoyed. Betty