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Friday, July 15, 2016

On the Road Again!

Hello to our family and friends in blogger land! Are you ready to share another adventure with us? Crickett and I are in the final stages of preparation and plan to hit the road Sunday, July 17. This trip will be ambitious in that we plan to travel about 8500 miles which will take us through about 20 states and will take about four months. We plan to visit some of the same areas and attractions as our 2014 trip and will further explore those areas as well as take in many new parts of our country. Our granddaughter, Bailey, will travel with us the first week of this trip as far as Memphis, but will have to return home to get ready for her freshman year at Western Carolina University. The rest of the trip will just be my co-pilot and myself. We have several friends we hope to connect with along the way and look forward to seeing them again. Basically, this trip will be another large loop where we plan to travel I-40 west to Albuquerque and then turn north into Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana before turning west into Washington and then travel south down the entire west coast into San Diego where we will turn east and begin our trek back home. I've included a map that shows our planned route, but is tentative at best. The yellow blocks on the map are navigation waypoints and have no significance. There is a saying among RVer's that travel plans are made in jello, and that certainly applies to us and this trip.

I would like to welcome our new blog followers and hope you enjoy riding with us on our next journey. The pictures in the blog are enlargeable by clicking on them and then clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner to return to the blog. Our two previous blogged trips can be accessed by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the “older post” link on the bottom. Also, in the right margin are links to blogs I follow. The counter at the top of the page is a running count of the number of page views of the blog. Comments are welcome and can be left in the comment link at the bottom of the blog, or can be replied to in the email notification. If anyone wants to be removed from our notification list, drop me an email and I will be happy to do so. 


  1. From Betty: was wondering when y'all would head out again. Looking forward to traveling vicariously with you

  2. From Betty: Bailey will be just across the mountain from us at Culowee !! Give her my cell # if she'd like it. If she needs someone - family - we could be there in 45 min or less