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Friday, July 29, 2016


We left Ozark, Ar. yesterday (Thursday) and hit the I-40 super slab bound for Oklahoma City. The trip was about 275 miles under clear sunny skies and was a pleasant drive with minimal traffic and multiple pit stops!  I've been dreading that stretch of I-40 as the last time we traveled that section of road, we were about beat to death due to the rough road, but was much improved this trip. This morning, we awoke to storm warnings of high wind and heavy rain and are sitting here waiting for the storm to pass, so I thought I would post a blog, because I have an interesting story to share.

We are camped at the Roadrunner RV Park right off I-35 in Oklahoma City. This is a very nice park with full hook ups and is very clean and in good condition. The staff in the office were very friendly and helpful with the story I'm about to share.

It was May 6, 2015 about 8:30 PM when a devastating tornado struck this area with the park being in the middle of the destruction. A nearby hotel, storage facility and the RV park were mostly destroyed. The park had 68 RV's there when the storm hit. There was enough advance warning to notify the folks camped there to seek shelter in the park's shelter. Part of the folks heeded the warning and took shelter in the cinder block constructed bathroom and others in the underground shelter. Eighteen chose to stay in their RV's and as a result, were all injured, some seriously but thankfully all survived. The RV's were not so lucky. They were all destroyed or damaged beyond repair. This area is in the middle of "tornado alley". The lesson that should be learned from this experience, is if tornadoes are forecast, to seek shelter as soon as possible. Today, the park has been rebuilt and one would never know what happened here, except for the absence of trees. The park has built a new expansion with a new office club house that will be open soon. Many thanks to Yvonne Goncales  for sharing this story as well as the pictures.

We are going to pull out as soon as this storm clears and hope to make it to Amarillo, Tx for several days.
I-40 in Oklahoma. It's much improved from previous trip about 4 years ago.

Very nice welcome center in Oklahoma. I really liked their Native American theme.

Lobby in welcome center.
Painting on wall depicting the Cherokee's pilgrimage to Oklahoma known "as the trail of tears"
Our site at Roadrunner RV Park, 44.

New section of park nearly finished.

New office and club house.
Oil well adjacent to park that is being worked on for maintenance. They do this about every 6 months.

Another oil well on other sie of park.
Storm shelters

Total destruction. It's a blessing no one was killed.


  1. From Betty: Wow!! How awful!! I believe we've stayed at that park but it had trees. We remember being shown storm shelters in tornado alley. We always wanted to know. Once at Tom Sawyer - if was iffy - but never got the warning. We had our plan tho'. We would have driven up under the end of the Mississippi River bridge. Had clothing laid out if it had happened.

  2. A very interesting story Joe , and glade to hear from you both again. Have a safe trip ,
    And will be looking for more post from you.