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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Florence, Oregon

We made it safely to Pacific Pines RV Park & Storage here in Florence, Or. after a long and safe trip down US Highway 101 Saturday. The traveled distance (125 miles) was actually less than what we normally do between destinations, but due to traffic, congestion, mountainous curvy roads, the trip seemed longer than what it actually was. The fuel mileage was also effected by the travel conditions. We averaged about 9.5 mpg on this leg whereas we have been running about 11.5 mpg on better road conditions. Sunday, we explored the area north of Florence along Highway 101 with emphasis being on looking for scenic coastal areas and lighthouses.  The first lighthouse we encountered was  the famous Heceta Head lighthouse which is reportedly the most photographed lighthouse in the US. It was built in the 1890's and sits proudly on a bluff some 200 ft above the Pacific Ocean. There is a beautiful restored lighthouse keepers residence on the grounds that serves as a Bed and Breakfast. A short walk of about a quarter mile up a fairly steep path is necessary to get to the lighthouse. The next lighthouse we found was the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse near the community of Southbeach. This lighthouse sits atop a bluff at the mouth of the Yaquina River and has been restored and operated by a private group as an aid to navigation. About 2 miles north is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, near the town of Newport, and is the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast at 93 feet. Btw, all these lighthouses are still in operation. The last lighthouse in this group we visited is the Cape Meares Lighthouse near Tillamook.  This is the shortest lighthouse I've ever seen, but since it sits high atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific, I assume it doesn't need to be so high. There is an interesting tree on the same property called the Octopus Tree and has a storied and colorful history. The coastal scenery scenery in this park is some of the most picturesque we have seen so far.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse photographed from a viewpoint alongside US Hwy 101

View looking down from the same viewpoint. The white stuff on the rock is reportedly "bird poop".

Taken from same viewpoint of 2 seals playing in pool beneath us.

Historic bridge on Hwy 101. Photo taken from parking lot of Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Closeup of Heceta Lighthouse

Restored lighthouse keepers house that is now a Bed & Breakfast. 

Crickett framed behind an unusual tree on trail going to lighthouse.

Seagulls on rocky section of the Pacific.

Bridge over inlet at Waldport

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. I have no idea what the tower beside it is used for.

Inlet Jetty at Yaquina Bay

Bridge over Yaquina River

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Shortest lighthouse I've seen!

Rocks off coast of Meares Lighthouse

Can you spot the water coming out of the hole in the bottom right side of this rock? The water would only come out as a wave would hit the front of the rock.

More rocks on south side of Meares Lighthouse

The Octopus Tree

 Restaurant in Depoe Bay where we had dinner. Clam chowder and Cod were excellent.

Our Travel buddies.

Here we are again!  I always thought the afternoon light enhanced photographs, but guess I was wrong as it didn't help ours any!

I was really happy to get to see a Pacific Coast Sunset!

It was quite impressive!

Love this photo. I took this at an overlook looking south and caught the lighthouse beacon of Yaquina Head Lighthouse near dark. The object in the foreground is a large rock.  We were looking for whales at this overlook, but didn't see any.

Also taken near dark. Coastal community near Devils Punchbowl.

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  1. Joe,you four take great photo of each other,and we really enjoy the picture's you take and the history behind them . Great Job