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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fall City, Wa.

We arrived yesterday at Tall Chief RV Resort in Fall City, Wa. after a good trip from Othello. There was, as expected, another drastic transition of terrain from dry desolate land to lush green hilly mountainous countryside. This is the area I have always envisioned Washington to look like.  We made a short trip to downtown Seattle to get a feel for the area, and let me say, Seattle is beautiful, but HUGE!  Traffic is very similar to Atlanta at Rush hour. We'll head out today (Wednesday for some serious sightseeing).

I do need to make a correction to an earlier post where I said the mountains near Seattle were the Sierra Mountains. They are in fact the Cascade Mountains. It's getting hard to keep everything straight and I'm having a difficult time recalling all the details of even recent destinations. I guess my brain is on overload from all the beautiful places we've seen.  Anyway, stay tuned for posts about Seattle.


  1. I had to laugh about your memory of all the wonderful things you've seen and done. That happened to us too!! It was just an overload. I'm glad I kept a detailed journal every day, and now I sometimes go back and look up some particular detail. We remember the highlights, of course, but there are many details I've forgotten until I read in the journals.

  2. Wow, I have been about 2 weeks behind in looking at your posts. I am just in awe looking at all the pictures. You guys are very blessed to have the opportunity to see all these beautiful sites in our country. Enjoying your pictures and stories. God bless you all in your travels. Annette Burton