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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I was pleasantly surprised  when I went outside this morning and was greeted by a cool crisp, almost autumn like morning. I checked the temperature, and shore enough it was 68 degrees!  After months of brutal heat and humidity, this seemed like a breath of fresh air! The high today was only 82 with a high of mid 80's predicted for the next week. I believe we can take it!  We are enjoying the area, our site, and the weather so much we have decided to extend 2 more days, which will put us leaving next Tuesday. One of my favorite activities is sitting on our deck enjoying the beautiful countryside and hearing the clip clop of horses hooves that are pulling an Amish buggy down the road. We still plan to visit Gettysburg, Philadelphia and a lot of the local area while here. We still don't know where we're going from here but will decide before too long.
           There were two young cute Amish children that came through the campground yesterday on a pony pulled two wheel cart. There was a young boy about eight, and a young girl about ten and were selling wares from their parents business. They were extremely friendly and very polite. I would have loved to include a picture of them, but I respect the Amish's wish of not wanting their faces photographed. I bought a jar of pickled beets and bread and butter pickles for $3.00 per jar. I have a lot of respect and admiration for these people.
           Yesterday we took a tour of the Lancaster area that originated from the Visitor's Center that was excellent. I have decided to not include that in tonight's blog because there is so much more in the area I want to include and will do it all in another blog later this week.
          Today we went to Hershey which is about 45 miles west of our location here in Intercourse. We have been there once before about 5 years ago, but wanted Bailey to experience Hershey. The town of Hershey was founded by Milton Hershey and is the home of Hershey Chocolate Products.  If you are not familiar with Milton Hershey, click his name above for a link to a short biography. He was truly an unique entrepreneur with a kind and generous heart. He is one of America's greatest success stories. We went to Hershey's Chocolate World which is a facility set up to display the manufacturing process and to provide a lot of interactive activities to illustrate and showcase Hershey Products. We took the Trolley Tour around the town of Hershey that visited the birthplace, former home of Milton Hershey and a lot of the manufacturing facilities as well as the world class amusement park there.   There is a gift shop in the facility that has all the Hershey Products for sale as well as the usual T-shirts, coffee cups, etc. If you decide to visit, most of the merchandise and activities are rather pricey, so be prepared.

Amish Farm across the road from campground. The crop in the foreground is tobacco and corn below that.

Part of campground across the road from Amish farm
Goodies I purchased from the Amish children in our campground
Sign entering Hershey, Pennylvania

Taken from parking lot. Not sure what the facility is, but it's bound to be part of the Hershey complex.

Crickett and Bailey
Crickett and yours truly

Large display of Twizzlers

Bailey has her shopping done!

Our trolley

Boarding area

Inside Trolley. Hostess and Conductor were very entertaining and informative.

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