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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Crickett and I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to our family and all our friends and followers out there in blogger land.  We wanted to take this opportunity to convey our Holiday Wishes and also provide a recap and summary of our recent trip.

We left home on July 15 and returned on November 17, just over 4 months.
We traveled a total of 15,542 miles, of which over 8,000 were towing the rig.
We traveled through 21 states and 2 provinces in Canada.
We took a total of 8,724 photographs.
There were 7,741 page views on the blog.

This was by far the longest trip we've made and in case you couldn't tell from the blog, we had a wonderful time.  It made us realize there is just so much to see and experience in our beautiful country that it would take several lifetimes to see it all, although we did put a sizable dent in it!  We also realize how fortunate and blessed we were to be able to make this journey. We want to thank our good friends, Al & Pat Kralovic, who were our traveling companions the majority of the trip and say a very special thanks to Pat for sharing her wonderful cooking with us. We also want to thank all of you who shared your comments with us.

We are planning on going to Florida in January for several months and if we happen to come across something blog worthy, we will share it with you. We are taking about the possibility of another trip next summer and will definitely post a blog of that trip.

Love to all.......Pop and Meemee


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  1. Glad ya'll are home safely. I enjoyed traveling vicariously with you. Hope your Thanksgiving was good.